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    Workspace; discussion & inbox provisioning problem

      Hi, i have a pretty bad problem.

      Everything worked fine, i created users, workspaces, discussion & inboxes within workspace. All provision was fine and everybody could work as expected. Then I deleted a user who had all rights in the world (global administrator, not orcladmin).

      I can still create a new workspace and add discussion & inbox service in this workspace, but when I try to add a new member to workspace provisioning for service discussion and inbox fails!!! If I logon as that user it says something is wrong, messages like:
      - When trying to access inbox -> Cannot find Discussion item.
      - When adding a user to workspace -> Processing of the members has been unsuccessful or partially successful
      - When trying to access discussions -> The discussion resource instance appears to be corrupted; please contact an administrator for assistance.

      If I add a priviliged user, he can work fine within workspace.

      What can I do?