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    Problems using XMLMapConventionEngine


      I want to use a dynamic mapping in my online help, but I can't seem to get XMLMapConventionEngine working. It works fine when I try the XMLMapFixedConventionEngine, but since I do not want to have my .htm files in the same directory as the helpset, I would like to use the XMLMapConventionEngine instead. I have even tried using the example from the documentation, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions anyone? Please? =)
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          You have to build your own custom dataengine for that.

          The education example contains example for that.

          When you store it inside the TopicMap, you can alter the location you want.

          1.so basically write your own custom TopicMap by extending from oracle.help.common.TopicMap

          2.Your own MapParser, that is going to create your custom TopicMap.

          3.A custom DataEngine by extending oracle.help.engine.DataEngine
          and overriding createDataObject(..) method, which returns the custom TopicMap by using the MapParser.

          The education example contains the code for that.