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    Po Approval

      I have a Budget for a particular dept for 100K for the Year of 2006 i do not want to go beyond that budget and this budget must be validated when it goes for approval

      How this can be done.

      presently it checks the approval limit for that particular document how to make it to check cumulatively the ammount consumed by the particular department.
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          You have to define an approval group and you can set authorization rules comprised of include/exclude and amount limit criteria for the Document Total, Account Range, and Location. For each position or job, you ultimately associate these approval groups with document types to implement your authorization rules.

          Srini C
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            Dear shankar,

            You have to enable the encumbrance check box in the financial options and some setups in the AP check with your financial consultant.

            If you enable the encumbrance and set the budget for the each department then it will reject the PO if it goes beyond your budget 100K.

            Thank you