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    OHJ Error Msg

      Hello, I have Oracle and developer suite release 2 installed
      on Red Hat 8. I did a full install of Developer and after a few fixes it installed ok.
      I installed it to a new ORACLE_HOME. When I use it I have to switch to the developer home with a export ORACLE_HOME=$ORADEV_HOME, then call the f90desm.sh script. Anyways the problem I am having is when I go into forms builder and start the online help I get this msg on console 2 times one after the other.

      "View passed to KeywordDataSource does not contain data in TopicTree format.
      oracle.help.common.xml.XMLParseException: IO Exception thrown by Tokenizer: at oracle.help.engine.XMLIndexEngine.createDataObject(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.help.engine.XMLIndexEngine.createDataObject(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.help.common.View.getViewData(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.help.navigator.keywordNavigator.KeywordDataSource._getTopicTree(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.help.navigator.keywordNavigator.KeywordDataSource._addViewItems(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.help.navigator.keywordNavigator.KeywordDataSource.access$0(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.help.navigator.keywordNavigator.KeywordDataSource$KeywordMergeTask.runTask(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.ewt.thread.TaskScheduler.runTask(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.ewt.thread.TaskScheduler.processTask(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.ewt.thread.TaskScheduler$TaskQueue.run(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.ewt.timer.Timer.doRun(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.ewt.timer.Timer.run(Unknown Source)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:484)"

      When I'm in help all the topics and content list shows up but the pages are all blank :(

      I checked my install and it shows Oracle Help for Java and the Forms online help as being installed.

      Any hints or help is appreciated.