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    Uninstall Spatial?

      Have Oracle Enterprise Edition with Spatial installed on one of our development servers. This server is being switched into production. However after completing development we have decided we do not need any Spatial functionlity just Locator functionlity. So will just be getting an Enterprise Edition license without Spatial (as we are using partitioning). Is there a way to disable the spatial functionality. Do you uninstall the Spatial option via Universal Installer or will this remove MDSYS and Locator aswell or does it just disable the Spatial components leaving the Locator and MDSYS schema unaffected. Is this safe with spatial tables and rtree indexes already in place.

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          Simon Greener
          While you have Enterprise Edition for the Partioning option I can see why you want to uninstall any of the additional Spatial options to ensure you don't deploy additional cost options to a production environment even though your production code does not use any of these options.

          I had a look at the Universal Installer and it is not clear to me either whether ticking the appropriate box will leave you with only Locator or remove Locator+Spatial entirely!

          So, I can't help you, other than to experiment with the installer on my database.

          I suggest:

          1. Logging a call to Oracle support asking for the approved, official method.
          2. While waiting for 1, try it on a PC which doesn't have Oracle on it to see what you get. One would think that if one has only Locator then a "Describe mdsys.sdo_geom" should tell you if you have Locator vs Spatial as Locator shouldn't have SDO_UNION and other geoprocessing functions.

          Of course, in your $ORACLE_HOME there is the md/admin folder with the installation (and de-installation) scripts. But unless you had clear instructions from Oracle support on which ones to run to achieve your task one would not recommend hacking up a solution using these scripts directly.

          Let us know how you go as I am interested in how to do this as well.

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            Rene W.
            Hi, I'm reviving this thread in the hope there is an answer now.

            thanks Rene