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    No OAI message corresponds to the message


      I have a Publish event in the Workflow adapter which is listening, trought an event map, for a specific Business Event. The moment the the Business event is dequed from the WF_OUT queue the Workflow adapter picks it up and trys to map it agains a publisched event. This is unsuccessfull and logfile states that no OAI message corresponds to the message dequeued form the AQ.

      I have pusched latetesd metadata from IStudio, manually restarted the adapters (including the clearing of the persistence).

      Any leads on what I am missing here?

      PS: the error states all the found event map conditions that he could find. The one I must use and which is defined isn't shown

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          One issue I've had in the past with the Workflow adapter was when the name of it was over a certain length of characters.

          Try copying your workflow event ensuring that your event has less than 10 characters.

          I remember looking in iStudio at the event name, then looking at the event as it is created in Workflow. I noticed that the workflow push had truncated it, so the iStudio event name and Workflow event name didn't match up.

          Sorry for being so vague, but I haven't used the workflow adapter for years.

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            I get this same error quite frequently and without any warning.

            I found a working solution though, it aint pretty but it works.I just reload the DTD/XSD for the adapter and interface involved this fixes this problem.