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    Core dump on Pro*c on 10g


      We have recently migrated from Oracle 9i to 10g and AIX from 5.2 to 5.3. we had a proc*C code which was compiling and executing fine on 9i and AIX5.2, but it gives some informational messages on AIX5.3 on 10g. The executables are produced but when we excute them, it gives a core dump.

      Please note that on old server (9i and AIX5.2), the C compiler was version 6. Where as on new server (10g and AIX5.3) the c compiler is XLC version 8.

      I am getting following information messages:
      1506-412 (I) Referenced variable "log_file", which was not initialized in its declaration.

      Does anyone has any ideas how to fix this problem.