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      • 90. Re: Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X
        I'm another Python guy who works on Macs. I've been waiting and waiting too. Dumping Oracle or switching platforms often isn't an option, no matter how attractive.

        How about a more positive approach? Let's lobby Oracle to open source these drivers. Honestly, how much value can be left here? I can't see IBM and MySQL mining Instant Client for goodies. Oracle would get free development, free docs, free support, etc... They could still easily control "officially supported" releases from a QA role. Meanwhile, the rest of the world could recompile, relink, and call it good enough.

        The lack of honest communication is the worst.
        • 91. Re: Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X
          Seriously, when will we get this? It's not like Intel Mac OS X is some unproven technology.

          Until then, I'm developing against other DBs on the laptop, and having to restrict how much Oracle-specific work I do in the application, even though Oracle is still the deployment platform.

          • 92. Re: Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X
            Smart Leo...

            If you develop applications for databses, you want to optimize your code for the database you deploy on. I can imagine that you would really want to go with generic connectivity and architecture so you can S-L-O-W down your code.

            I'm not jazzed about the non-support of OSX - Intel. I'm sure Larry has something planned so I will hold out. Until then I use Aqua Data Studio or SQL Developer and the thin client. If I have to connect with the thick client, its only an ssh away.
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              To be almost 2 years into the Intel chipset and still no support is frankly a disgrace.

              My organisation is a big oracle user and we're looking at spending well over a million pounds in licensing over the next 18 months but, to be honest, since Ruby on Rails is looking like becoming a key technology in our chain and MacOS X is the defacto development platform for same it's becoming increasingly apparent that we will have to look at replacing Oracle with someone like EnterpriseDB as our database provider to maintain the productivity of our development process.

              I truely fail to see how it can take 2 years to do a recompile, regression test and release.

              Disgraceful Oracle, Disgraceful.

              We expect this sort of behaviour from the beast-of-redmond, not you.


              Joe Vaughan
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                Im a Oracle DBA ( OCP 8i, 9i and 10g ) and use Mac at home.
                I have a MacMini, Intel Core 2 Duo.

                My use at home is through a VPN to my work data center, and i use SQL Developer since its written in Java and works fine. Also using Terminal.app and Grid Control through web interface.

                It would be great to have a full release of 10g;/11g Database to this platform, which is problably one of tha fastest unixes ive worked with.
                But a Instant Client would be enough.

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                  Is there any update from Oracle on when an OCI client would be available ? There seems to be a large enough demand looking at this message board

                  ~ Fred
                  • 96. Re: Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X
                    Well, maybe the end of the tunnel is in sight... ?

                    CUPERTINO, California—September 28, 2007—Apple® today announced that Daniel Cooperman, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary at Oracle Corporation, will join Apple as the company’s senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, reporting to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Cooperman will begin at Apple on November 1. “Dan will be an excellent addition to our team and will fit right into Apple’s fast paced culture,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Dan is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in securities compliance, intellectual property, litigation and corporate governance."
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                      Is the certification of 10.5 going to make a difference? Read that Leopard will be an 'official' Unix OS. The port could be done without any code changes. This was one of the arguments used for Oracle not to port to Intel.
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                        First, I spend big bucks to get a spiffy new MacBook Pro - now I have to run my client on my old iBook G3? Come on Oracle! Smell where the market is going.

                        How hard can it be with support already for a PPC client and support for half a dozen other OS's on Intel? I myself have ported more than one Linux app to OS X.
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                          We got information from another big company with the same problem that the beta of Oracle instant client for intel Mac should be available in November 2007 and that release version is scheduled for January 2008.

                          Hope this information is correct.
                          Can somebody from Oracle confirm it?


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                            My company has already migrated one application from Oracle to MySQL precisely because of the lack of an intel-based MacOS InstantClient. When time for Oracle support renewal comes up, I can guarantee you that that will be considered-- the cost of migrating our remaining apps to MySQL is not much more than the cost of Oracle support, and the lack of Mac/Intel support ia a big part of that.

                            Further, it's a headache. My shop has precisely one Motorola-based Mac left, and the only reason it still exists is because of a critical application that uses instanclient.

                            Further, we've had to pay good money to hourly consultants to twiddle around with recompiling various Perl modules so that some scripts that must run on intel can talk to both MySQL and Oracle.

                            I fail to see how Oracle can refuse to simply recompile the client in the face of demand from paying customers. This is the sort of attitude that makes using Oracle products instead of MS and Open Source solutions more and more difficult to justify.
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                              PLEASE! LAUNCH THIS CLIENT!

                              ALL THE COMMUNITY NEED THIS!!

                              FLÁVIO CÉSAR
                              • 102. Re: Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X
                                Today Mac OS X Leopard will be released. It should be a certified Unix version. Does Oracle have a statement about that in terms of porting the database client and or rdbms?
                                • 103. Re: Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X
                                  I would settle for a beta copy of the client, or anything that would run in Tiger on Intel. It seems odd that a PPC only version of the client was put out in the first place. Why not just compile it as a universal binary? Very frustrating. Please add my voice to the crowd that are having to use the open source alternatives to Oracle for prototyping.

                                  C'mon Oracle, focus on your core competancies and get your database products out on platforms that we actually use.
                                  • 104. Re: Oracle Instant Client for Intel MacOS X
                                    Eureka! Even though all of the binaries in the instant client report that they are PPC files, they work on Intel! You do have to fake it out with some symbolic links though:

                                    Download the PPC instant client (get at least the first 3, I got them all)


                                    Unzip all the files you downloaded into 1 directory. If the files extracted into multiple directories, combine them into 1 client directory.

                                    Move this cleint directory somewhere that makes sense to you. In my case, it is /opt/sqlplus.

                                    sudo mkdir -p /b/729/network/lib
                                    sudo mkdir -p /b/729/rdbms/lib
                                    sudo mkdir -p /b/729/sqlplus/lib

                                    sudo chown -R <your username> /b

                                    cd /b/network/lib
                                    ln -s <path to sqlplus>/libnnz10.dylib .
                                    cd ../../rdbms/lib
                                    ln -s <path to sqlplus>/libclntsh.dylib.10.1 .
                                    cd ../../sqlplus/lib
                                    ln -s <path to sqlplus>/libclntsh.dylib.10.1
                                    ln -s <path to sqlplus>/libsqlplus.dylib

                                    cd ~
                                    vi .profile
                                    export TNS_ADMIN=<path to sqlplus>
                                    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$TNS_AMDIN:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
                                    export PATH=$TNS_ADMIN:$PATH

                                    . ~/.bash

                                    sqlplus (or anything that requires libclntsh) and it works!
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