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    Urgent help needed

      Hello All,

      I am working on JSP. I will grade myself as beginner in JSP.

      I am trying to solve since last 2 days, I just want to display the value of option tag, and not able to get it.

      <html:select name="ActionForm" property="overage">
      int i;
      int[] arr1=new int[200];
      for (i=0;i<=100;i=i+10)
      <html:option value="/<%=i%>/"><%= arr1[i]%></html:option>

      Please, ignore the syntactical error.

      Now in above code I want to know what is being put up as value of option tag. By value I mean , I want see <html:option value="/<%=i%>/"> .

      Your help will be appreciated. I tried couple of things such as getParameter(), get Attribute(), getOverage(). Some of it gave me value as "//", it skips the i variable.
      I want to see what is being put up in value for every iteration of loop.