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    OCFO & Verizon Wireless Sync (PC Monitor)

      I recently installed the Oracle Connector for Outlook (allows you to use front end of Outlook to connect to Oracle calendar). The system is working great with one small catch. Wireless Sync & PC Monitor will no longer work.

      The Oracle Connector required me to replace my "Personal Folders" in Outlook with "Oracle Folders". My IT folks deleted the Personal Folders so the only thing working in Outlook is the Oracle Folders.

      When I go into PC Monitor to reestablish my set-up connection, it gives an Error - Unable to find exchange server for email address ME. I'm not using an exchange server and my email is not ME.

      My problems is that Verizon will not support Oracle questions/problems and my IT folks do not understand Wireless Sync & PC Monitor.

      Any thoughts. mjs