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    Convert DTD to XSD

      I hold a DTD of OAGIS 7.2 and I need convert this to an XSD for my BPEL process to consume. I would like to know if there is any editor which helps in this conversion. I'd tried using XMLSpy but that doesnt give me the correct version(I mean the tree structure is not correct). I tried the native format builder but that doesnt help as my DTD has references to other DTDs as well. Can someone point me to a method of converting DTD to XSD?

      Thanks in advance,
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          I also suggest to use XMLspy, but you tried that. Did you have a look at:


          or at

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            Thanks Marc. It works now.

            The option in JDev Tools-> Convert DTD to XSD also creates XSD. But one thing I dont understand is that if I try to validate the generated XSD in XMLSpy it throws some errros, but when imported into the BPEL process, it parses successfully. If someone has an answer to it, please lemme know.