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    Unable to drill to 'View Requisition Line' from Pur Requisition Worklist

      From the option Notification Summary when I click on a Requisition Details, it navigates to a page displaying Requisition. In this page there is link with name 'View Requisition Line'. When I click on the link, I get message 'You dont have access to this page, pls contact your Sys Admin.

      Whereas if I give 'Purchasing Super User' Resp to this user then he is able to drill from link 'View Requisition Line' to subsequent pages. We cannot give 'Purchasing Super User' Resp to all the users but still the user should be able to see the Requisition Line details.

      Please let me know, is there any way we can enable link 'View Requisition Line' in the notification, without giving the 'Purchasing Super User' Resp to the user.