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        Arie Geller
        Hello Bill,
        "… I can't envision that many possible uses where you'd want to clear the cache for all the users of your system."
        The same logic that will lead you to choose "cached" – application cache level and not per user – will lead you to the need to clear the cache for all your users.

        The second "given" Scott noted - The cache does not need to be "by user", it's the same data for everyone – is the key. In addition to the general datamart category Scott mentioned, a reports filtered by periods (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly reports) can also be good options to application level caching, hence application level cache clearing.

        In my case, every morning starts with many managers checking "yesterday" status reports, which are of course the same for all of them. I'm using a cache condition like "Px_REP_DATE = sysdate-1" and an after submit process that checks the age of the caching page, using the function Scott pointed out apex_util.cache_get_date_of_page_cache. If this age is early then sysdate-1 I'm clearing the cache. The first report for "yesterday" will be rendered dynamically, all the rest will see an instant report, rendered from cache.

        This new feature is showing a lot of potential, and I'm sure we barely scratched the surface.

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          Arie Geller
          Hi Vikas,
          " Setting the cache to be not "By User" i.e. system wide cache is a little risky for, say, dynamic report regions where the report query is customized for each user based on his authorization level, search filters, etc"
          This is a very good point one should consider when coming to decide which level of caching to use, and when actually setting it.

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              Hien - If you don't mind, could you blank out your post and put the question in a new thread? It seems to have nothing to do with the v3.0 Page/Region Caching feature.

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