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    APEX 3.0 Install fails on 10.2.0.x - fine on

    Mike Mac
      I have installed the V30 version as an upgrade to V221.
      The V221 - running on DB Enterprise Edition was using the embedded PL/SQL gateway and working perfectly.

      The install and upgrade gave no errors.
      After running the apexins.sql I connected just to check - the login worked fine to the new V30 but some images were missing - at this stage - just the normal apex login (username / password / workspace) - everything (except missing images was working fine)

      I then ran the @apex_epg_config11 as per the installation guide - which ran fine no errors.

      Logging in after running the @apex_epg_config11 now asks:
      "Enter username and password for "XDB" at http://host:port

      Any combination of un/pw I can think of just asks again.

      What is this un and pw?




      Further investigation shows the @apex_epg_config11 script granting xdb anonymous access to the repository - mybe this is fialing?

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      Mike Mac

      After many different installs, on several new databases, I was unable to get a working installation in any guise on a or EE database.
      The installs go fine but:-
      - With the embedded PL/SQL gateway I always get an extra login request for XDB - this is a dead-end
      - With HTTP server, attempting to access the apex/apex_admin page, gives a "degraded looking (pardon the expression)" login page that gives an "Error on Page" message when clicking the login button.

      However, when installing against EE, everything works fine - install, and fully functional (apart from the help not working...) Apex 3.0

      Hope this gets fixed soon.


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      Mike Mac
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