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    How to email user items received

      We have APPS 11.5.5 The requester & preparer should get an email when items are received. It’s the RCV_TRANSACTIONS Table they create REQ then PO.
      Can some one help me with a trigger or workflow or both how to do this?
      We have PO approval & REQ approval workflow
      Thanks in advance.
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          you can try by using Oracle Alert. But sorry I can't give u detailed information about the concern tables - maybe it's an option.

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            Alerts would definitely work. 2 records will be inserted into RCV_TRANSACTIONS table when a receipt is created. Just get one of them (preferably that has user_entered_flag='Y' and transaction_type='RECEIVE')
            - Create an event based alert to fire 'after insert' on RCV_TRANSACTIONS
            - Include the email addresses of the Requester and Preparer as an output in the select clause and use them in the email distribution.

            This is the simplest way and would not involve custom triggers which is a headache. It is also transparent to upgrades (ofcourse, needs to be tested though).

            The Oracle Alerts User Guide explains the steps to be followed to create an alert. You should have the Alert Manager Responsibility to define an alert.