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    Help with Symbol XR400


      I've got an XR400 with a pair of antennas connected to the Rx2 and Tx2, that im trying to connect to the SES 10.1.3 with the Symbol driver with the following configuration:

      URI: esc://tcp?hostname=
      AntennaIds: A0,A1,A2,A3 (do these antenna names have to match the names in the symbol admin console?)

      everything else is default. It tries to start, but the fails with the following error:

      Instr return code (subtype=1) ErrorEvent Symbol Driver1 DSF:Device start error:java.lang.NullPointerException

      As always, any help is extremely very greatly appreciated!
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          Has anyone helped you with this problem, or have you been able to figure it out? I am experiencing a similar problem, but with an Alien reader (both 9800 and 9780 models). When trying to start the readers through the Edge's web GUI, they constantly remain in a "Start Failed" status. I have been unable to find any answers as to why this may be happening. Have you?
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            Did you try putting the javax.comm, windows30.dll & another properties file in the java library?

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              Anyone else having this issue?
              I can't get my readers to start.
              Edge will never start them. It always says 'Start Failed'
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                Can you check the log files in the <oracle_home>\j2ee\home\applications\edge\edge\log folder, and see if there are any obvious errors.
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                  the name of the antennas need not match the names in the admin console. Just make sure that you put exactly the same number of antennas as you have phusically connected.
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                    I was looking at the logs with a similar error "Null pointer to driver" etc. and I found an error occurring right before it with the following information.

                    javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Improper padding: missing salt

                    Does this mean that I have an invalid password somewhere in the server? Or is there a password to connect to the device that is invalid?

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                      Try getting the latest extension from this link, and see if it solves the problem.

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                        Thank you for your reply. We are actually using the Alien Reader (ALR-9800) and there are no new updates. I was just curious that if the same issue that was happening with a different reader may be within the oracle software, not reader independent.
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                          Are you using the Alien Reader Driver or Alien RI Reader driver. Try using the Alien RI Reader.
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                            Thank you for the reponse! I looked to find the Alien RI Reader driver but was unable. Is there a specific location / contact I need to look into?
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                              What version of SES are you using ? Can you find versions file in your SES deployment, and find out the tag used ?
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                                The versions file stats the following...


                                and were are using GEN 2 tags.
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                                  Alien RI Driver is a part of One option is to move to

                                  If you still want to use and use AlienReader, you can try to do this -
                                  stop edge
                                  find your edgeserver.xml in your installation.
                                  change encypted="true" to encrypted="false" under the AlienDriver driver definition.
                                  save changes and start the server.
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                                    I appreciate the response. Changing the encryption variable did in fact fix the bad hash issue that was occurring before. After that fix was in place, two noteworthy exceptions occured.


                                         Missing class: com.alien.enterpriseRFID.reader.AlienClass1Reader

                                         Dependent class: oracle.edge.impl.driver.AlienReader
                                         Loader: edge.web.edge-web:0.0.0
                                         Code-Source: SES_HOME/applications/edge/edge/extensions/classes/
                                         Configuration: manifest of SES_HOME/applications/edge/edge-web/

                                    The missing class is not available from any code-source or loader in the system.


                                    TNS:listener: all appropriate instances are blocking new connections

                                    I am assuming that the second error happened because of the first, but not entirely sure.
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