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        You need to use Either gateway.jar (for Gen1) or AlienRFID.jar (for Gen2). You can get both these files from alien support. If you use AlienRIDriver, you would not need these files.
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          Hi, I actually did get the issue solved a while ago, I'm sory for the late response it's just that sometimes the forum route is a bit slow so I check sporadically. Spoke to the driver developer and basically it turned out to be a configuration issue. I reconfigured the conguration.xml file, and as has been pointed out, the names dont matter, upgraded the driver (which if you open the jar turned out to be the same version, someone posted the old Symbol driver as being the new one on OTN), only the number of antenas has to be correct. I believe this had me up and running. If you're still out for help I can send you my config file see if theres any clues there :s

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