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    Changing the Window title


      I am using forms 10g version and like to know if there is any possible way I can change the window title from,

      'http://192.168.x.x - Oracle Application Server Forms Services - Microsoft Internet Explorer'

      to other wordings ?

      I have tried to use, SET_WINDOW_PROPERTY(FORMS_MDI_WINDOW,TITLE,'New Title'); but not successful.

      My existing settings of formsweb.cfg are,


      Thanks in advance.
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          So which config are you using - [default]? So you're not working in separateFrame mode? If you set the pageTitle in your config section, that should do the trick e.g.

          pageTitle=My New Title

          (Note that I believe Internet Explorer will insist on inserting the ''http://192.168.x.x' before your title if you're not showing the address bar, as a security measure.)

          pageTitle will set the window title for the duration of your session - if you want to change it dynamically during your session, then you're looking at using a Java bean.

          Hope that helps,

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            Thanks James,

            Your guess was right, the title is needed to be changed on runtime (e.g. when-list-change trigger etc) , if possible, could you please provide some sample coding for me to start from ?
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              Or can it be done by using Javascript ?
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                You're right - you'll use Javascript to make the change to the browser title, but you'll need a Java bean in your Form to make the call to that Javascript. I've posted some example code in an earlier thread on how to call Javascript from a Forms bean item:
                Re: How can a Javabean call Javascript function of the basejpi.html??

                I used a Javascript include file to include the following Javascript function (among others) in the html page that hosts the applet i.e. in our case, webutiljini.htm:

                function setWindowTitle(title)

                Hope that gives you the building blocks you need!

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                  The Javascript function can also go in the formsweb.cfg file located at <orahome>forms90/server/

                  # HTML page title
                  pageTitle=Oracle Application Server Forms Services
                  # HTML attributes for the BODY tag
                  # HTML to add before the form
                  # HTML to add after the form
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                    Thanks a lot !

                    Will be even more appreciated if someone can point me to a more clear picture (e.g. example), if possible !