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    OCI8 - dedicated or shared connection

      Does anyone know what type of connection is created through ruby-OCI8 using database.yml? Is it a dedicated or shared connection?


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          I think it's a shared connection.
          In rails/activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb, it says:
          Connections are usually created through ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection and retrieved by ActiveRecord::Base.connection. All classes inheriting from ActiveRecord::Base will use this connection. But you can also set a class-specific connection. For example, if Course is a ActiveRecord::Base, but resides in a different database you can just say Course.establish_connection and Course and all its subclasses will use this connection instead.
          This feature is implemented by keeping a connection pool in ActiveRecord::Base that is a Hash indexed by the class. If a connection is requested, the retrieve_connection method will go up the class-hierarchy until a connection is found in the connection pool.
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            The default mode is shared.
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              Thank you!