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    How to connect Forms/Reports 6i with MS Access

      I want to know is it possible to connect Forms/Reports 6i with Ms Access database if yes how, Thanks and Regards.
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          Accessing Microsoft Access


          Read Carefully

          OCA (Open Client Adapter)
          To set up your system to use the OCA:

          1     Install the necessary database server and client software, including network libraries. Configure your database, create database accounts, grant the appropriate access privileges to the users. Note that for some single-user, single-machine datasources, such as Microsoft Access, there is no notion of a database server and database client, and no special setup is required (you do, however, need to create the database file to store database tables).

          2     Install the necessary ODBC drivers on your client machine and configure the datasource using the Microsoft ODBC Administrator (which is automatically installed with the drivers). ODBC drivers from Intersolv (for SQL Server, Rdb, Sybase, Informix, Ingres and many other databases) are installable from the your installation CD. You can also use drivers from Microsoft, IBM, and other ODBC driver vendors.

          More about OCA

          Open oca_info.pdf

          which is located at C:\orant\TOOLS\DOC60\us if your forms are installed at c drive.

          To access Microsoft Access:

          1     Set up your system to use the Open Client Adapter (OCA).

          2     Read through the release notes and the PDF document (oca_info.pdf).

          3     (Optional) Run the.SQL scripts to create and populate demo tables using the UBT utility:
               UBT32.EXE user/password@ODBC:datasource[:dbname] @sqlscript Example
               If dbname is not specified, the views will be created in the 'current' database for the ODBC connection.

          4     Launch the Builder.

          5     (Form Builder only) Set the Primary Key property for each data item to Yes. Data items correspond to columns in your datasource.

          6     When you are ready to connect to the Microsoft Access datasource, type the following connect string in the Connect dialog box:
               [user[/password]]@ODBC:datasource[:dbname] Example

          For more information about accessing Microsoft Access, see oca_info.pdf.


          Rai Zeeshan.
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            Hi Zeeshan,

            I will read your specified file, but as I understand by reading by other previously posted replies u need to configure DSN and required Oracle run time thats it to run forms/reports with MS Acess database am I right??.

            Thanks and Regards, Khawar.
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              Hi Raj,
              Have you successfully used Oracle forms to Connect to MS Access.
              Thanks in advance for your reply.
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                Hi Raj,
                I have successfully connected Oracle forms 6i to MSACCESS.
                I have summarized the steps to connect forms to MSACCESS below.

                [Connecting Oracle forms 6i to MSACCESS|http://gskaushik.blogspot.com/2009/05/oracle-forms-conection-to-msaccess.html|Click to follow link]

                Kindy click Correct if it solves the issue
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                  Dear All,

                  I want to connect Forms 6i with MS Access Database (2007).

                  When I searched, I got to know that it is possible, but there was no clear document or link showing the same.

                  I request all of you to help me out by providing me the steps or link to do the same at the earliest.

                  Thanks in Advance,