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    OC4J_BI_Forms Cannot Connect to OID


      OAS 10g on Windows Server 2003, BI installation

      When I attempt to run a Forms app I'm getting a 500 Internal Server Error.

      The OC4J~OC4J_BI_Forms~default_island~1 log file shows the following error:

      07/03/22 08:23:55 Error: Unable to connect to OID
      07/03/22 08:23:55 oracle.ias.repository.schema.SchemaException: Unable to connect to Oracle Internet Directory Server. Please verify that the correct Oracle Internet Directory Server parameters are specified in C:\oracle\mid1012\config\ias.properties. Make sure that the Oracle Internet Directory Server specified in OIDhost, OIDport is up and running. Base Exception : javax.naming.NamingException: [LDAP: error code 1 - User does not exist in directory for Proxy Switch]

      I have confirmed there is an entry for the Forms app in OID, the correct values are in ias.properties and I can connect to OID using the Oracle Directory Manager tool. ldapbind and ldapsearch commands are also successful.

      This error only occurs when the ssoMode parameter for Forms is set to true. SSO was configured for SSL-only operation (although OID is not). Web Cache is disabled.

      Any ideas?