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        I am already using this approach in my current applications when I want to call APIs in a SUBMIT process, but as you can guess it becomes a real inconvenience when I want to have a simple SQL report on APPS secured views.

        In this case, I have to save the old value from the CLIENT_INFO and set it to 0 (or whatever other number), initialize the HR security in a before regions process, have the region render the report on the secured views, put back the saved value in the CLIENT_INFO in an after regions process and hope that in the meantime I didn't involuntarily break any internal functionality of APEX that relies on the contents of the CLIENT_INFO...

        And this should happen on EVERY page where I want to use reports on secured views.
        Wouldn't be easier not having to worry about the CLIENT_INFO?

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          John Edward Scott
          Hi Paulo,

          Yes but you can wrap up a lot of that into a packaged procedure and then simply call the procedure from a Before Header process, then run your report then reset it in an After Header process, really once you've wrapped it up it's only a couple of processes on the page.
          Wouldn't be easier not having to worry about the CLIENT_INFO?
          But remember, the reason that CLIENT_INFO is being set is because it's useful for debugging APEX apps etc, it's just 'unfortunate' that this is also the method that is being used in your other apps.
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            An "Image" field in the "Region Definition" (like that in the "Create / Edit List Entry") that can also be used in the template for a region.

            That will help create fancy looking applications by not only using a simple text as a region header but also images. And todays applications have to be that.

            Thx, Willi
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              A concept for modular use of different apex applications as they were a single one.

              E.g. download a discussion forum, a photo album, a ... (they already exists) and using them in addition to a self build application as they were one (e.g. sharing the same theme, authentication, etc. without coping it.)

              Today custom devloped software is mainly driven by assembling software modules (SOA is the glue/adhesive for this). If there where some concepts in Apex reusing modules the community is developing (and there are a lot out of them) this may a huge leverage effekt. The Quicker a cool application can be developed with more (standard) features in it the better all the Apex Developers are in reporting their success.

              Thx Willi

              Btw, i like the "Page 0" concept. Developing Regions there allows to have a "block" like system, where the page 0 regions can be displayed on selected pages. If there could be developed "pages" and then used as "regions" would be very cool.
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                My main enhancement request would be to make the next version compatible with XE.
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                  Phil UK
                  I am modifying an application and I want to move a region from page x to page y including relevant items and potentially page processes driven by these buttons etc. This would allow even faster app modifications as I am not aware of a way of doing this apart from manually?

                  Ignore me - just engaged brain and realised I can copy and then delete the original...

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                  Phil UK
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                    Is it possible to increase the length of region source (HTML Region). It seems that ApEx use the maximum value of varchar2 for storing source code. It is possible to change it to CLOB?

                    Best Regards, Kostya Proskudin
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                      Get a free trial account and have a look at http://www.quickbase.com/p/home.asp

                      I know Apex could do all that what is in there - but you have to programm it.

                      If there would be some nice new theme in 3.1 that has a lot of that DHTML, AJAX, etc. in it and you can build similar applications as the above mentioned with it (without a lot of programming), this will absolutly bring Apex over Acc*ss in the area of departamental applications.

                      See the menu, the nice inline edit, the select lists with a nice option to quick add new values, ...

                      Thx, Willi
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                        One thing I think would be nice in 3.1 is a fix to the bugette when creating a "Form on a Table with a Report" through the create page functions. If you choose to "Use an existing tab set and create a new tab within the existing tab set" for the report page, when you get to the same choice for the form page the new tab created should be available for selection under the "Use an existing tab set and reuse an existing tab within that tab set." choice. In my mind it's logical to group both pages under one tab and nest the breadcrumb for the form page beneath the report page.
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                          Fintan Stack
                          I would like to second the following suggestions

                          From danusgov

                          How about a form based on a collection? The collection's format could be based off a PL/SQL data type, and worked with like a Tabular form.

                          It would live in session until it is either purged or stuffed into an appropriate database table.

                          And from Heinz

                          Beside all already mentioned enhancements I would like to have LOVs and popup LOVs with more than one return-value (like in Oracle Forms !)

                          Also how about being able to export a page and import it into a different application to make it easier to release individual pages from a test into a live environment.
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                            Just got back from ODTUG in Daytona Beach,FL. Excellent conference. There was
                            a lot of buzz and a tremendous amount of energy surrounding APEX. This is the
                            most energized ODTUG conference in years. According to Mike Hichwa 3.1
                            should be downloadable from this site this week.

                            Couple of enhancements for 3.2

                            -- Improved Export to csv/spreadsheet. Current csv export is very
                            limited in terms of data formatting and protecting (text not numbers
                            and/or dates). Have downloaded and implemented
                            Tom Kyte's excellent owa_sylk package. Of course this means
                            I need to write 2 queries - one for the html output and one for excel.
                            Something like this should be integrated into APEX.
                            When I say integrated I mean just like one enables the CSV output and link on the report attributes page today.

                            -- Easier PDF printing. Have implemented FOP on the 10g app server but
                            unhappy with the output. I'm getting lines and text smashing into each other.
                            Still going to Oracle Reports for nice PDF
                            output. Of course this requires another tool. And no security integration with
                            APEX. PLPDF looks promising. I will buy a couple of copies of this in the interim.
                            Still I need to write a separate query.

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                              I have also downloaded and implemented Dene Kubicek's download
                              to Excel package. Nice integration with APEX. Here is the link:

                              • 117. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                Justin Patterson

                                I think you mean 3.01 will be out soon. 3.1 from what I was told, they are pushing for Open World but that isn't a firm date yet.. And from what I saw 3.1 looks awesome!

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                                  Thank god that this (for me) very easy but important feature is applied.

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                                    I did mean 3.0.1 not 3.1 Saw some really cool 3.1 features at ODTUG.
                                    The report filtering (click on Column header go into an AJAXy dialog and
                                    select the filter value from a pre-populated list) was really neat.

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