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      • 165. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements

        I think we need functions like html_setSelectValue(pId,pValue) for
        - fill more than one value in a multiselect list
        - fill more than one value in a checkbox
        - fill one value in a radiobox

        Best regards Simona
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          When creating branches in application builder it would be useful to have a "create unconditional branch to same page" button. The button would generate an unconditional branch to current page with a sequence number higher than any existing branch on that page. If there are no other branches the number should be big (100 for example) to allow creating conditional branches with lower seq. no. in future.
          IMO this would save a lot of clicks.

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            Jure: Of late, I have begun to take a slightly different approach. Instead of creating a unconditional-branch-to-same-page on most pages in the application, create an application level process with a sequence number of 99999 that does the same thing.
            apex_application.g_unrecoverable_error := true;
            Update: Of course, processes fire before branches so this would work only if you have no other conditional branches on your pages. :-)
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              John Edward Scott
              Two little enhancements I'd like to see (if it's not too late ;) -

              1) When creating a Branch, it would be nice to be able to name the branch so that it's easier to find it again in the Branches section (you can get a tooltip for the branches, but that's often not enough to differentiate them).

              2) It would be nice for people like me to be able to assign a file upload quota per Workspace perhaps with soft/hard limits (so a user can have a 50Mb quota but is allowed to upload 75Mb for a period of 7 days). I admit this isn't going to be that useful to a great many people, but would certainly make my life easier by being able to do it natively rather than doing it myself ;)

              I'm sure I'll think of some more as soon as I hit the 'Post' button
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                One more thing I just remembered:
                When editing regions/items/buttons.... it would be nice if the buttons (Cancel, Apply Changes, <, >) were in a "floating" div or something similar, so that they would always be on the screen even when you scroll down the page. The quick links to the top of the page just don't do the trick for me ;).

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                  I don`t read the whole thread so I don`t know if this was mentioned above:

                  Me and my Company were very excited about APEX 3.0 and the PDF-Printing.
                  But then we recognized the fact, that you need the BI Publisher for advanced printing and we recognized that the BI Publisher is too expensive for us.
                  So our wish is, that APEX 3.1 has advanced PDF-Printing with lower costs, however this would be done.

                  • 171. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                    In SQL Workshop, how about a feature to set the Current value of a Sequence?
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                      I'd like to see a new feature - shared groups of navigation bar entries across the whole workspace. A group of navbar entries would be created for a workspace, applications would then subscribe to that group instead of/in addition to having their own entries.
                      Recently we developed a product that consists of a dozen applications, all of them in the same workspace. Navigation among them is made with navigation bar. So for each newly created application we had to add another entry to each of the applications. This takes a lot of time. But if the navigation bar of each application was subscribed to a workspace group of nav. bars, the new entry would only have to be made once.

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                        Omar M Sawalhah
                        I don't know whether this has been mentioned before.
                        but I would like to see
                        1. Multiple tabular forms in one page.
                        2. If you have two regions in one page (1st is report region, 2nd is form) and you want to pass a value to the form , when you click the edit link in a certain record. The only way I know now is
                        - create a hidden item.
                        - submit the page when you click the edit link.
                        - assign the (#field_name#) to the hidden item
                        - use it in your form region.
                        why isn't there a way(built-in) using (Ajax) to set a field without submitting the whole page so it can be used in the form region.

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                          Omar M Sawalhah
                          hi apex team,
                          since now 3.0.1 is there anybody can summarize all the enhancements mentioned in theis thread and tell us which of them have been taken into consideration, which of them are not applicable.

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                            I'd like to see a new feature - shared groups of
                            navigation bar entries across the whole workspace. A
                            group of navbar entries would be created for a
                            workspace, applications would then subscribe to that
                            group instead of/in addition to having their own
                            This is already available isn't it?

                            Ah - I see. It appears new entries to the publisher's nav bar are not propagated to the subscribers. Although the builder refers to subscription and publishing of "NavBar", it actually operates at the NavBar entry level, so new entries at master level aren't published because they haven't been previously subscribed to?

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                              that is exactly what I mean.
                              Furthermore, when there are a lot of nav bar entries, you have to do some heavy mose clicking in order to subscribe to all of them in a new application ;-).

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                                A minor enhancement....

                                How about sending in the page alias instead of page number in the clear cache part of the apex url

                                - Richard
                                • 178. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                  I'm not too sure who'd I'd address this too, but I'd like to suggest an enhancement for 3.1 or for the next release.

                                  We should be able to quickly copy any item or object off of an existing page to either your target page or to several pages all at once.

                                  I know you can make a copy of a page. But I'd like to see this copy page idea expanded into being able to select one or many individual objects or items, etc off of a page...
                                  • 179. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                    Just noticed a minor bug:
                                    When a report has column sorting enabled and then you view it in printer friendly (PF) mode, the sorting is still enabled - but when you want to sort that report in PF mode, it throws you back to normal viewing mode.