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      • 90. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
        Another enhancement for the APEX Dictionary View Browser:

        When entering "Query Conditions", it should not be necessary to add quotes in the "Value" field, if it is a character column.

        Currently is necessary to enter
        '%with Help'
        if for example a LIKE condition has been selected for a column.

        For a normal user that isn't very intuitive. The system knows which columns are of type string and can add the quotes by itself.

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        • 91. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
          Allow for the addition of <thead> and <tfoot> and <tbody> in report templates.


          The addition of <thead> is most important as it is usually used to wrap table header columns <th>

          All of these can probably be best implemented by addition of 4 new attributes in the report template.

          Before First row
          After First Row
          Before Last Row
          After Last Row

          • 92. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
            I think that some of the simple but very nice features of the ApexLib should be included into the Apex 3.1 release.

            1. Provide item level case restrictions (uppercase, lowercase, initialcase).
            2. Resizeable text area.
            3. Ability to choose between client side and server side validation on an item by item basis.
            4. Include the ability to select between a select and submit or a ajax enabled cascading lov.
            5. Ability to turn off the navigation to the date picker, color picker, popup lov, etc.
            7. Create a true data grid object.
            6. Create an ajax cascading data grid for master detail relationships.
            8. Create an ajax function that when a user selects a row in a report, that a data grid with a detail relationship would appear.

            Those are just a few of my thoughts for the moment.

            Mark Moran
            • 93. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
              John Edward Scott
              I would also like to see Carl's incredibly useful html_ShowCellColumn and html_HideCellColumn JavaScript functions included with the standard release.
              • 94. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                Azan Philippe
                it will be interesting to can reference in the theme repository company's theme.

                And at the same time it will be interesting to can unreference standards theme.

                With this possibility the administrator can regulate the type of look for all company's developers.


                • 95. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                  A point was raised about the SQL Workshop Run and Save buttons being located only at the top right of the screen.

                  In the SQL Workshop SQL Commands window, after typing your query you can hit CTRL + Enter to "Run" your query.

                  For a quick "Save" you can hold down Shift and press Tab twice, then hit space.

                  You can also have more than one query in the window but only run one of them by highlighting the query you wish to run and then click "Run".

                  Hope this helps.


                  • 96. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                    The Tree Wizard creates a sub-optimal SQL statement when the "Link to Application Item" option is selected.

                    It creates a SQL statement where in the URL link column, session is references with the substitution syntax &SESSION.

                    This will result in a hard parse of the SQL statement for each user session.
                    select "EMPLOYEE_ID" id, 
                           "MANAGER_ID" pid, 
                           "LAST_NAME" name, 
                           'f?p=&APP_ID.:4:&SESSION.::NO::P4_COUNTRY_ID:'||"EMPLOYEE_ID" link, 
                           null a1, 
                           null a2 
                    from "#OWNER#"."EMPLOYEES"
                    It would also be useful if :DEBUG would be used instead of the fixed value NO. That way it wouldn't "break" a debugging session.

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                    • 97. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                      As a new developer to Apex (but not a new developer), I'd love to see a Find/Replace All for text strings.

                      If it's there, but hidden from me, let me know.

                      By the way, I've loved my time with Apex thus far (user since 2.0).

                      • 98. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                        thanks to Patrick for opening this thread.

                        my greatest wish for next x-mas is a complete documentation of all of this.
                        All things described above are very wishful, but the current documentation does not reflect the complete functionality.

                        ajax in a box wold be nice too
                        • 99. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                          I'd like to see the ability to either pass a parameter into an authorization scheme, or to reference the page/item/region etc that called the authorization scheme to run, from within the authorization scheme code. (see below threads):

                          Re: Pass Component Name to Generic "Condition" w/o hardcoding it
                          Authorization Scheme - Getting handle on which object is calling the scheme

                          It seems the only way to make a "generic" authorization scheme which authorizes to object level is to create a separate authorization scheme for each object that you want custom authorize. - This seems barbaric for something as important as authorization.

                          Thanks in advance !

                          • 100. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                            Dimitri Gielis
                            Here're some improvements I would be happy to have in a next version ;-)
                            (not sure if somebody else already suggested this)

                            1) possibility to have multiple APEX sessions
                            for ex. Application Builder open for 2 different applications/workspaces or application builder open together with sql workshop

                            2) Export components cross application and cross workspace
                            (more info: http://dgielis.blogspot.com/2007/06/reuse-oracle-apex-components.html)

                            • 101. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                              Validation of page/application item references in pl/sql code.

                              If you write a page process and there's a typo in one of the :PX_ITEM_NAME references, there is no error or warning given. (We use Apex The non existing item will be null.

                              It would be a good enhancement if the references are validated when submitting the page. This drove me crazy one time and it took a while before I found the cause :)


                              • 102. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                We now have "out of the box" PDF printing of reports.

                                Add out of the box PDF printing at the Page level. This would be very cool.
                                • 103. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                  here is a suggestion that will make life a lot easier for all the developers working to integrate APEX applications with the Oracle E-Business Suite, especially with the HRMS and Payroll modules.

                                  It would be VERY VERY nice to have something like a configuration option to slightly change the behaviour of APEX when it is setting the CLIENT_INFO db session variable.

                                  If you check Metalink Note:130339.1, you will find the description of how the CLIENT_INFO variable is used in Oracle Applications. You can see that it assumes that the first portion (about 55 bytes) of this variable is reserved for internal uses.

                                  This information is used by Oracle Applications core code when setting the HR security: in that code there is a straight TO_NUMBER conversion of the contents of the CLIENT_INFO variable that most of the time fails with an Invalid Number error when you are querying the secured HRMS views from APEX (after you have initialized the db session with fnd_global.apps_initialize).

                                  In this post (Re: APEX_PUBLIC_USER from Scott I learned that APEX actual code does a simple dbms_application_info.set_client_info(g_user) when it opens a db session. Would it be possible to add a configuration option to slightly change this behaviour and use a different portion of the CLIENT_INFO or not setting it at all?

                                  I don't know if and how APEX uses this information somewhere else in its code, but I guess that it's easier to ask for such a small change in APEX than asking Core APPS development to revolutionize their security not to use the CLIENT_INFO variable.

                                  It may seem a very small change, but you have no idea of which workarounds I have to go through to avoid this conflict in my APEX applications. It will really help everybody working to integrate the E-Business suite with APEX.

                                  Thanks a lot,
                                  Paolo Marzucco
                                  • 104. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                    John Edward Scott

                                    Is it not an option for you to manually call dbms_application_info.set_client_info() yourself and pass in whatever you want it to be set to, before querying your APPS views etc.

                                    For example (in a PL/SQL region) -
                                      l_old varchar2(200);
                                      l_new varchar2(200);
                                       /* Get the current value */
                                      htp.p('Old: ' || l_old);

                                      /* Set a new value */
                                      htp.p('New: ' || l_new);
                                      /* Set the old value back */
                                      htp.p('Current: ' || l_old);
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