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    Blog or Wiki applications built using APEX

      I have been tasked with finding a ready-made solution that we can use as a developers' scrapbook where development team members can store useful hints/tips, code samples, coding standards etc etc

      An APEX solution would be best (something similar to Carl Backstrom's APEX demo app, maybe) since it's familiar territory and it would keep the sys admins happy - but I'm open to other solutions.

      A non-APEX solution would have to be Windows based, with no server-side requirements.

      I quite like TiddlyWiki (http://www.tiddlywiki.com) but it's not multi-user. There is a 'groupauthoring' plugin for it (http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/) but it requires use of Ruby scripts on the server.

      Online blogs like blogspot would be great, but The Business wants to keep everything in-house.

      So, has anyone built a blog or wiki-type application using APEX that they would be willing to release 'into the wild'? Or is there another solution that I've missed ...

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