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    re-create user

      Hi all,

      in Oracle Calendar, what is the command to clean up a deleted user so I can create user with the same userName?

      We created the user in OID, went through provision (Calendar, Mail, RTC etc) process. But when we try login as the new user, the Calendar says "No match for this user was found on the Calendar server. Contact your Administrator"

      Everything is fine, except for Calendar!

      Any idea?

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          I'm replying a little late to this but I thought I would mention a few ideas.

          - Try to look up the user with the 'uniuser' command on the calendar server. This will tell you whether a calendar account exists for the user you created.

          - If the user account does not exist, you can manually provision the calendar account from the calendar server using the 'uniuser' command and the '-add' argument. This can also be done from the Calendar Administrator web interface if you have that installed and available.

          - Look at the LDAP record in OID for the user. If attributes such as 'ctcalxitemid' or 'orclcalendarstore' exist, the calendar provisioning through OID tried but maybe failed for some reason. You will need to remove these attributes before the calendar server will allow you to try and provision the user again.