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    No transaction scope effect.


      I'm currently using .Net 2.0 and Oracle 9i.

      - Microsoft OracleData
      - WinXP SP2 Prof.
      - OraMTS

      I have two users/dbs on the same computer server. Something like:

      DB1 = User Id=user1;Password=pws1;Data Source=ladb01
      DB2 = User Id=user2;Password=pws2;Data Source=ladb01

      Using transaction scope, I’m trying to do something like:


      - Get VarX from DB2

      - insert on DB1
      - update on DB2 (change VarX)

      - update on DB1

      - Verify VarX from DB2 (VarX DIDN'T CHANGE)


      It uses different scopes because it is embedded inside different methods.

      The problem is that only DB1 commit. It seems that DB2 always rollback, without error or exception. I have other scenarios where scope1 is the root scope and it goes through with no problem.

      Does anyone knows why it is happening?