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    I/O Error with Unbreakable Linux on VMWARE


      I need a little bit help.
      We are using a Version of "unbreakable Linux" for a Installation of E-Business Suite
      for Demonstration Purposes (in fact we ant to do an upgrade from 11.0.3 E-Business-Suite to 11i) on VMWare.

      After Installation we ran into the Bug "Read-Only-Filesystem after Path-Failover",
      which meant, that after random I/O - Errors the filesystem was automatically remounted in read-only-mode (which also meant that the database crashed at the same time).

      After Downloading several Patches we are now on the following level:
      2.6.9- #1 SMP Tue Feb 27 12:25:04 PST 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux.

      Now the filesystem isn't remounted in read-only-mode, nevertheless we occasionally
      get the following errors (/var/log/messages)

      Apr 26 23:33:45 appstraining kernel: SCSI error : <0 0 0 0> return code = 0x20008
      Apr 26 23:33:45 appstraining kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 309473637
      Apr 26 23:33:45 appstraining kernel: Buffer I/O error on device dm-0, logical block 38658051
      Apr 26 23:33:45 appstraining kernel: lost page write due to I/O error on dm-0

      Consequently we get defect Blocks and Control-Files for example and database -crashes.

      I didn't find any new Patches using Up2date.

      Who can help?