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    Trying to use MS Access Migration

      First, what I have done successfully:

      1. Created a repository on target oracle database.
      2. Created a connection to MS Access database.
      3. Open MS Access connection and browsed through the tables and data.
      4. Ran the document tool on the MS Access database (it only has two tables and two queries) with no problems.
      5. Examined the references to the database: None were missing

      Windows XP SP2 with latest patches
      Access Version: 2002
      SQL Developer Version: (I chose the version with the JDK) with downloaded updates of the early adopter migration workbench.
      Exporter Version:
      MDac Version: 2.8
      This part was the same for two different machines.
      On one machine, I'm running Oracle Database XE and the other 10g Standard Edition One.

      I then closed all the connections and tried the following from SQL Developer:
      Click on Migration -> Microsoft Access Exporter -> Run Microsoft Access 2002 Exporter

      The MS Access database opens and I choose "Export For Oracle Migration Workbench".

      I choose my database and output directory. I click to export the data as well and note that the status says "ready".

      I click export, note the message that says I've chosen to export the data and it might take awhile and click okay.

      Within a couple of seconds I receive the following error:
      Error #5 - XMLExporter - Invalid procedure call or argument <database path and database name.mdb> Database Schema Export did not complete successfully.

      Note that the error has my actual path and database name regardless of where I put it.

      I've made sure I have read and read design access (as the admin user) to all MSys tables of the access database.

      Thinking there might be a problem with this particular Access database, I tried another...and another...and another. :) You get the hint. I'm having the same problem on two different machines regardless of what database I try to export.

      I keep thinking (of course I don't know what it's trying to call since it doesn't tell me) that it might be some kind of java conflict, but I haven't found anything as of yet that would prove that.