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      i have to get the count of the records returned by a query on a block,
      for example user may enter 'BR%' in a text field and press the 'F8' key , at this time i have to get the count of records also i have tried like below to get the count in when-new-record-instance and post-query

      cnt := to_number(Get_Block_Property( 'main_table', Query_Hits));
      : main_table.total :=cnt;

      when-new record-instance taking time depends on the number of records and post-query shows error frm - 40734.

      could anybody tell me what exactly the solution ? Thanks Bcj
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          Rosario Vigilante
          [url http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=1788216&#1788216] How to get total count of records in Datablock

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            use this in only post-query trigger,


            --control and count are non database

            if :system.form_status='QUERY' then
            end if;

            end ;

            if u only one record is fetched the result is 0 , since the counter starts from 0... so u can add 1