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    Automate Archivelog Restore via OEM - No DataGuard

      Using Oracle9i I have created a process to create a standby version of my PROD database (no DataGuard). I am able to manually recover archive logs by modifying the sequence number used in the following command:

      restore archivelog from sequence 12345 thread 1;

      As long as I run this often and manually change the sequence number to reflect new logs (select max(sequence#)from v$archivelog;), this keeps my standby database relatively current.
      Is there a way to use a parameter or sql statement to get the next sequence number from my PROD logs so that I can script or automate this process? I would like to be able to run a job via OEM (I use OEM 10g)? Any examples or help would be greatly appreciated. I am a junior, junior DBA.