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    po creation

      hii friends,
      i need ur help. can anybody plz tell me how & after what step po is created in iprocurement process?
      what types of po are created in iprocurement?
      is it craeated through autocreate process?
      plz give me detail explanation friends........
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          I am a User not a Technical Person
          iProcurement PO Creation happens two ways either by auto converting the requisition to a blanket release (if the items on the req are tied to a blanket) or thru Autocreate in Core Application by a Buyer (this would be for items not assigned to a blanket)

          From a blanket you get a blanket release PO (i.e. 451-2) 451 being the blanket order and 1 being the release number.

          Thru Autocreate you will get a standard purchase order.
          Hope this helps!
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            second last step in the reqapprv process just at the end.
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              Hi Priya,

              After you create a requisition.the workflow goes at the process called Launch Create PO Workflow where the PO is created for that requisition.
              the other way is emergency PO..i am not familiar with this but the concept is user can check emergency PO where in it then saved in table po_requisition_headers_all(EMERGENCY_PO_NUM).
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                IProcurement is used for Requisition Creation and Receiving of PO's alone.
                We cannot create po thru iproc.

                PO's are created in Core Purchasing module either manually (using autocreate forms or using automated PO Creation workflows). We can create only Standard PO's using either of these techniques.
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                  Subramanyam Jayram
                  You can creat a Requisition, receving and returns using iProc not PO. Once Requisition will approve you will creat automativally PO( depensds on the workflow) otherwise you can create PO manually using autocreate functionality.

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                    In iprocurement only way the PO is created is theough Req approval workflow which will put the requisition to a PO.

                    Otherwise u can create in purchasing module manually.

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                      i need ur help. can anybody plz tell me how & after what step po is created in iprocurement process?
                      In Iprocurement process, you submit the requisition for approval at the last step along with the attachment if any. Once the requisition is approved, after the background process is run, the req will get attached to PO
                      What types of po are created in iprocurement?
                      It will be a standard PO (One time PO)
                      is it craeated through autocreate process?
                      Noep. If you want to autocreate a PO from a req,rfq,or any other document, then you need to do that manually by going through autocreate form. Req which are approved will get listed there for which you can autocreate a PO. You can also select the lines of more than one req to be included in same PO through autocreate process