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    Query-only mode problem

      Hello everybody, I'm a new user on this forum and in this thread I wanted to inform you about my problem and its solution.
      Problem: everytime I created a form with 10g version on DB 9i, at the moment of "Run Form", I always run in this message "FRM-40208: Form running in query-only mode. Cannot change database fields.". Obviously I couldn't nor add a record nor edit it.
      After some days spent searching for a solution, on this forum I read a post by an user talking about a very similar prob but not properly the same. Anyway, I decided to write an email to RV, an italian user who was very helpful in that situation.
      In less than an hour, he wrote me back: "Check preference in menu forms builder, you'll find a tab, if checked it gives query only mode". He also write me to post the problem and his solution on the forum.
      This morning he wrote me several mails telling me in a rude manner that I didn't posted the problem and not to write to him anymore.
      So, I'd like to tell to Rosario: dear Rosario, I thank you for your solution, and I hope that in the future you will be so kind to give users also the time to write down the problem and solutions, as I am doing now.