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    ISEventFactory.create() problem

      I can't create event in Business Objects. The following message always appears:

      Error creating event 'event name'
      ISEventFactory.create() EVENT already exists

      I went trough the tables in the repository (EVENT table etc. ) but didn't find any records with the particular 'event name'.

      Do you have any suggestions???

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          Chris Slattery
          And this is an IC problem ? please provide version numbers etc and how you are connecting BO to IC
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            DB version :
            I do not have any idea where the problem is.

            What I have is:

            In Istudio I have BO containing 3 events. I need to add one more event with the particular name but as soon as I try to save the new created event the message mentioned in my first post appears.
            I checked the EVENT table and there is no such record with the particular name.

            I also created a "dummy" event in the same BO and after that I deleted it and created it again and it worked without any problems.
            The same problem appeard when I created the event and deleted it directly from the repository (delete from EVENT table).
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              I head this problem also several times. I found a SR/TAR or forum entry somewhere, don't know anymore, but I head to stop all adapters inclusive Repository and wait for several minutes and start everything. Somewhere there is some cache and this could be the cause. It certainly helped for me.

              Kind regards
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                Chris Slattery
                Ahh... now I know what you mean.

                I had to go in once and manually clear out rows from the metaschema to make it work. there are some bugs in that developer but it does work eventually.