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    Install ILMA in a remote machine


      I would like to know if it's possible to install ILMA in a remote machine?

      I want to install the database in one machine and the application server, APEX and ILMA in other machine.

      Is it possible or I have to install everything is the same server?

      Best Regards.

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          Hi Óscar,

          This is an interesting scenario. Presently, you must install everything on the machine targeted for management. The limitation centers around our PL/SQL package, which assumes that all data is local. If you install ILMA on one machine, it will know nothing about the remote setup.

          This configuration has been suggested by others as well, so I am confident that we will consider the approach in a future release.

          Thanks for using ILMA!

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            Hi Greg,

            Thanks for the information. I think it was important the possibility of install ILMA in a remote machine. I think this way because to the project that I'm involved it is necessary to have an instance of Application Server in alone in a dedicated server.

            Now I have to repeat the installation of the Application Server (HTTP Server) in the server where I installed the database.

            Best Regards.

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              This is one of our most frequent enhancement requests and please be rest assured that we are looking at it. The restriction exists today because we are using APEX for the application.

              Please keep your suggestions coming and let us know how you get on using the ILM Assistant.

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                Anyone heard of any progress on enabling ILMA to manage remote databases?

                Thanks for update,
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                  This functionality is not available yet and is not likely to be available in the very near future.

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                    any updates on this, or is it official that it won't happen?

                    It's be even nicer to have the ILM assistant as a plug-in to OEM instead of it's own separate browser windows.

                    I mean install what's needed in the database, but then open the Assistant in OEM instead of in its own separate URL.