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    Creating Graph based on runtime conditions

      Right now i am able to create Graphs based on Views. But my requirement is that, if i click on certain component, i should be able to crate another graph at runtime which will display information based on the Clicked Component of original graph.
      Any help will be appreciated.

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          I think the options are

          - create a second graph and hide it at runtime
          - create the graph on the fly in a managed bean, wich is quite a bit of code to write, that is justified if the "generated" graph is different (e.g. different model data) for each master selection.

          The first approach should be doable by detecting the selected information on the master graph and the query the detail iterator accordingly + displaying it.

          The second approach is a deep dive into the graph model APIs because you will have to code this all manually. Note that we don't have documentation for this approach yet