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    OA Adapter for Synchronous Request/Reply

      Hi gurus,
      I am exploring the possibility of using the synchronous req/reply paradigm to enable data retrieval from another application.

      Requesting App: Oracle Applications Adapter
      Replying App: DB adapter
      Timeout in the invoker call is set to 60 seconds.

      The log files for both adapters show that the reply message is successfully sent to the bridge within 1 second of the request. Then the requesting app times out and the message remains in OAI_HUB_QUEUE. The message cannot be deleted through ICManager and all subsequent messages just pile up.

      Can anyone shed some light on this?

      The Interconnect User Guide, chapter 5 mentions that
      "Synchronous request/reply can only be used if an application
      supports an outbound synchronous interface. Currently, only the
      Oracle database adapter qualifies for such support. For all other
      adapters, only asynchronous request/reply is available. This is a
      limitation of the protocols exposed by systems to communicate".

      Is the OA Adapter not considered a DB adapter?

      Thanks for any help.