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      Has anyone had any success loading OpenCyc or perhaps a subset into the Oracle RDF store?
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          I am interested in learning more about what you are trying to do. Are you referring to OpenCyc knowledge base data?

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            Yup, as available here: http://opencyc.org/

            Actually, I have had some success. I aquired a slightly different owl file than the one available for download, converted it into n-triple format and got 210000+ rows of it to load. I haven't had a chance to do much testing yet. I was actually just trying to get TopBraid to talk to it, but I haven't had any luck, and I completely failed to get Protege to connect to the RDF store (see my other post).

            I'm fairly new to Onto engineering, so a lot of this is a learning excercise, but it seems to be the way to solve the problem at hand, so here I am. I'm using Cyc because its got a lot of data in it that is highly relevant to my problem space.

            Thanks for the response, I'll post any progress back here.