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    TopBraid Composer Integration


      I think I may be having trouble trying to get TopBraid composer to do something it wasn't designed to do.

      I have an rdf model created in the database, and I would like to be able to view it via TBC. But when I attempt to create a new "OWL/RDFS Oracle Database" all I get is a new blank ontology. It doesn't seem to be reading what is already loaded in Oracle. There is one parameter I may have wrong though, that is the field labeled: "Internal Oracle Database Name" -- I have tried setting this to both the name of the model, and the name of the table for the model and both produced the same results. I'm not really sure what this value should be.

      Are there any Top Braid users out there that can shed some light for me?
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          The current version of the TopBraid Composer user interface does not allow you to connect to an existing Oracle RDF database, because there was an issue in the handling of blank nodes that required us to make sure that databases are created in the right format. This problem has been fixed by the Oracle developers recently and we are awaiting to significatnly improve the TopBraid-Oracle bridge with the upcoming major Oracle release.

          If you do not use any blank nodes in your model, there is a trick to connect to an existing model. Create a new empty database with some other name. This will create an .oracle file in your workspace. You can then manually edit the .oracle file to redirect to your existing database.

          For TopBraid specific questions you may want to join the Composer mailing list.

          Hope that helps,
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            If I use the trick described, how do I know if I am connected to the existing model? The field that is confusing me is the "DatabaseName" field in the file. Does this refer to the model name entered in the SDO_RDF.CREATE_RDF_MODEL call? or the table the model is built on? Or is it something completely different?