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    problem generating map file


      I'm new to robohelp and while not a learning support specialist, inherited online help responsibility. I'm working on an existing help project that is used in a deployed application. All parties who were involved with the help have since been let go.

      My problem is: in the map file, the mapid target value changes when I generate help.

      For example, I get a "." instead of an "_" in the mapid target value ...
      the original <mapID target="a_details_htm" url="a_details.htm" /> becomes <mapID target="a_details.htm" url="a_details.htm" />


      The original <mapID target="o_xbo_whatsnew_htm" url="o_xbo_whatsnew.htm" /> becomes <mapID target="What's New" url="o_xbo_whatsnew.htm" />

      Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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          RoboHelp has a peculiar behaviour when it comes to Oracle Help: It will not necessarily use map id:s assigned from RoboHelp (assigned in the usual RoboHelp way). Instead, it can use the value of a meta tag in the html source file, for example:
          <meta name=topic-id content="a_details.htm">

          I hope this helps!

          Kind regards,
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            Thanks for taking the time to reply.

            I don't think I explained my problem clearly...I have an existing map file created by a previous author. This is the map file used in a deployed application for context sensitive help. When I try to generate the help, ALL the map ids in the map file change (see my original email for examples). Does that ring a bell?

            Thanks again,
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              What are you using to "generate" the the map file and help?
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                Hello again Donna,

                I might be mistaking, but I believe that there should be no map file among the RoboHelp source files. The map file should only appear in your output folder. The info in the map file should be generated from some other info in RoboHelp, i.e. what topic id that is assigned to that particular html file in the project, what topic id that is indicated in the <meta topic-id> tag, just the filename itself, or the title of the page. When generating Oracle Help from RoboHelp, the assigned topic id WILL BE IGNORED, which means that you MUST have the meta tag in every file that you want to have in your context sensitive help, or change your application so it points to whatever topic ids RoboHelp outputs (which will be the same as the file name or title of the page, and that seems to be the issue here).

                This behaviour is very different from RoboHelps behaviour when generating JavaHelp. Have you recently upgraded RoboHelp, or switched output format from JavaHelp to Oracle Help?

                Kind regards,