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    Help about LAF customization

      Hello Everybody.

      I'm trying to put the look and feel api to work. However, it seems there's a lot to learn yet (just starting). I have the following questions so far:

      - When i try to access the css_updater form i usually get a frm-41816 error openning several blocks like block properties and others.

      - The only section i partially put to work is the "block body properties". However if i make changes to the other sections like "block header", "block title", etc. I see no change.

      - How do i map the title, header section to actual form objects like item prompts, frame prompts, etc. ? What's the concept of header or tittle in forms?.

      Thanks in advance ...!
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          François Degrelle
          Hello there and thanks to use the LAF tool.

          First of all, please, give the complete message text instead of the code. ;o)

          As it is explained (maybe not sufficiently) in the docs (http://sheikyerbouti.developpez.com/forms-pjc-bean/LAF/doc/Oracle_Forms_Look_and_Feel_project.htm), it is made of two principal parts.
          one that allows decorating whole multi-line block and use the laf.pll functions, and another that do not need the pll and provide methods you can call through the Set_Custom_Property() built-in.
          the CSS section like Title, Header and Body are reserved to block decoration.
          You can use the GUI selection to set some initial font/color for items and dynamic frames.
          Please, read especially the CSS file properties html documentation.

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            François Degrelle
            One more thing: go regularly to the LAF home page to get the last version. it may contains bug correction ;o)

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              Hello Francois.

              Still can't make it work.

              I've created a form based on the s_dept table of the summit schema. I have also created a control block with a button to see if i can get a similar behaviour of that of the customer_laf module. These are the contents of my test form:


              -- form main initializations --

              Set_Custom_Property( 'CTRL.BEAN', 1, 'SET_SCHEME', 'purple' ) ;

              If PKG_Look_And_Feel.Open_Css(:PARAMETER.PM$CSS_FILENAME) Then

              -- paint the canevases --
              PKG_LOOK_AND_FEEL.Paint_Canevas(:PARAMETER.PM$CANVAS, 'CTRL.BEAN' ) ;
              PKG_LOOK_AND_FEEL.Paint_Canevas('.canvasGreen4', 'CTRL.BEAN_CUST' ) ;

              -- paint the blocks --
              PC$Block => 'S_DEPT'
              ,PC$BeanName => 'CTRL.BEAN'
              ,PC$VA_Name => :PARAMETER.PM$VA
              ,PC$HeadClass => '.tableHeader2'
              ,PC$BodyClass => '.tableBody2'
              ,PC$TitleClass => '.tableTitle2'
              ,PC$Title => 'Departamenticos'
              ,PB$ScrollBar => True
              ) ;

                   PKG_LOOK_AND_FEEL.ShowError(:PARAMETER.PM$CSS_FILENAME || ' : CSS file not found' ) ;
              End if ;
              Set_Custom_Property( 'CTRL2.BOTON' , 1, 'SET_TEXT_POSITION', 'right' ) ;
              Set_Custom_Property( 'CTRL2.BOTON' , 1, 'SET_IMAGE', '/list.gif,LM' ) ;
              End ;

              Why am i missing ....?


              - I copied the BEAN_CUST from customer_laf in my module.
              - Created button (ctrl2.boton) with the implementation class set to: oracle.forms.fd.LAF_XP_Button. This button should behave in a similar way as that of the customer_laf (PROMPT_CUSTNAME). (iconic no)

              - Still can't see the the button as iconic and text (desired result).
              - No title 'Departamenticos' in my canvas section.
              - Can't see prompt items.

              forms.cfg config info:


              Help will be GREATLY appreciated.

              Best regards, Luis ...!
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                François Degrelle

                Did you successfully run the sample demos?
                If no, ensure you have a copy of the laf.jar file in your /forms/java directory and you updated the archive tag of your /forms/server/formsweb.cfg file.


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                  - laf.jar is in forms/java directory (855 KB).

                  - Demos partially run. I mean, there must be a migration issue, because when i try to compile the mmb files, enable and disable item procedures are not recognized. However i can run customer_laf and orders.fmb ,etc.

                  - Still something must be missing. I can't see the effect on customer_laf form either: no icons in buttons, prompts are not visible. CONTROL.BEAN_TAB seems to work though.

                  - Formsweb.cfg:

                  # Forms applet archive setting for other clients (Sun Java Plugin, Appletviewer, etc)

                  - Another question: which config info should i use? [javaplugin] or [summit]. I have set runtime preferences in forms designer to http://mluis:8889/forms/frmservlet?config=summit or http://mluis:8889/forms/frmservlet?config=javaplugin with similar results.

                  Thanks in advance ...!
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                    François Degrelle
                    The config names are those you have in your formsweb.cfg. You cannot invent/invoke a name that does not have the section in this file.
                    All you have to do is invoking a section that runs the Sun Java plugin, not one that uses the JInitiator.

                    If you do not konow how to use the sun Java plugin, read the following article:

                    If you don't want to test the whole "summit" application, you would find some sample dialogs in the /fmb directory of the zip file, like test_laf.fmb, that do not need any database connexion.
                    Anyway, you can create your own Form module from scratch by derviving the LAF_TEMPLATE.FMB (see the Builder menu : file -> create from template)

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                      Hello Francois.

                      Things are getting worse ...!. I changed the runtime preference to:


                      Now when i'm about to run my forms, they hang on IE. When i run the form from designer. it starts ok, but then shows a security warning window, afterward, it hangs. Nothing is showed on the security window, so it does not give me an option. I have discovered that it's related to the archive parameter in formscfg. If i remove the laf.jar from it it works. What should i do ...?

                      archive=frmall.jar,laf.jar (here it hangs)

                      archive=frmall.jar (ok. but won't be able to use the powerful facilities of this interface)

                      Help please ....!

                      Best regards, Luis ...!
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                        François Degrelle
                        We are not getting anything by this way.
                        Could you, please send the whole content of your formsweb.cfg file.

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                          Francois everything is working fine now ...!.

                          What i did was just deinstall/install the Java runtime enviroment. Apparently, i made a mistake somewhere, either during installation or security authorization...(?)

                          Now i have to explore the powerful and exciting features of this solution. Then customization ... Got some work to do ...!

                          In the mean time, thanks very much for your contribution to the whole Oracle Forms Community, quite a large one i guess.

                          Best regards, Luis ...!