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    Iphone Support

      Everyone's wondering...how long will this trap of a calendar system take to accommodate Apple's Iphone?

      Is the solution Syncml?

      Wouldn't a better solution be for Oracle to move to more open standards?
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          I see that this was posted almost a year without any updates.

          Why is it that Oracle is choosing to let this product fall off the table without any development on their end?
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            Synthesis has stated they will have a SyncML client for the iPhone shortly after Apple releases the proper SDK.
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              Although this was from 2007, I thought I would offer input. I work in higher ed with a lot of Mac users / junkies. The IPhone question came up almost immediately after Calendar was installed. Using the MS Outlook connector and iTunes for Windows; I was able to sync the iPhone to the Oracle Calendar. This was no big trick if you do the right things in the right order. This may not have been so one year ago; but with help and prayer, we now have a solution that is fairly painless.