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    Can we use "List Partition" in ILM?

      HI Everyone,

      I after going through documents observed that the frequently used Partitioning technique by ILM Assistant is the "Range Partitioning".

      How can we implement "List Partitioning"?

      Also, as there is a way to Generate script to execute events for "Managed

      can we generate script to execute events for "Simulated Tables" or is there a way to automate it ?

      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Rakesh,

          We are definitely considering alternate partitioning approaches for future releases, including List partitioning.

          For simulated tables, we could generate a representative script; however, it would not execute properly, since partitioning is simulated within the Assistant. Instead, we chose to allow the user to implement the simulated events as if a script had been executed. Again, since the table modifications and movement are simulated, implementing simulated events only pretends to make changes to table objects within the ILM Assistant.