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    multi org???

      I have been trying to understand Multiorg for quite some time now...but still i am confused..can any one please tell multiorg concept practically...i mean taking example of an organization which has offices may be say in two countries and subsequently in many cities....
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          Multiorg allows you to represent the structure of a company which has multiple legal entities and operating units, in a single database.

          The multiorg architecture is defined by creating multiple business groups. The business group is a special type of organization and contains details of the flexfield structures and legislation/currency. This allows you to define different structures and rules for different countries. Each BG can have its own set of books.

          Other structures you define are legal entities, which post to a set of books, and operating units which are part of a legal entity.

          The e-Business suite is implicitly multiorg, even if you only have one BG.

          Hope this helps.


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            what exactly is legal entity???
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              An organization that represents a legal company for which you prepare fiscal or tax
              reports. You assign tax identifiers and other relevant information to this entity.

              Suggest you look at some of the Financials documentation (User Guides, implementation guides for more information).


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                Drop me an email to sunilgks@gmail.com if you need documents on multi-org concepts and while papers.
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                  You can download the implementation guide from Metalink.

                  Oracle® Applications Multiple Organizations
                  Implementation Guide
                  Release 12
                  Part No. B31183-02
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                    I am looking for a presentation that can explain Multi-org architecture to a senior executive. If anyone has anything I can leverage or recycle, please send it my email id vgattani@yahoo.com

                    Vivek Gattani