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    Gift certificates

      i have to issue gift certificate to the customer while they order for products.in Order Management,AP and AR user's guide there was no details regarding Gift certificate.so please help me to accomplish this task.

      yesu kannan
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          Please check the coupon functionality of advanced Pricing. You might be able to use the issuing and redeeming of coupons for gift certificates.

          Nitin Darji
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            Hi everyone,

            We are also looking to implement gift certificate logic where we define a set of gift certificates and them assign them out to customers to be used on future orders. We also need to be able to track these gift certificates as pending AR transactions (I am not a financial guy, hopefully you know what I mean).

            I had an idea on how we could make this work and I would like anyone's feedback. I am hoping this approach would work well and provide the ability to track spending against the gift certificate.

            My thought how we could use this Oracle Advanced Pricing functionality in the gift certificate arena is like this:
            1) Create a modifier that will contain a list of gift certificate modifier lines. Call the modifier Gift Certificates. The modifier type will be Promotion.
            2) Each modifier line will contain a monetary discount amount (e.g. $100.00) and this will be the amount of the gift certificate. Each modifier line will be setup as Automatic and Ask For. Automatic is required to be able to apply promotional limits. The Ask For is required to be able to only apply if the customer knows the gift certificate number that can be identified on each modifier line.
            4) Each modifier line will have a promotional limit applied which will limit the usage of the amount to $100.00 or whatever the total is for the gift certificate line.
            5) When the sales order line is entered either through the front-end Oracle application, electronically or even through iStore the customer would need to ask for the promotion and this would be tied to each gift certificate line. When applied Oracle will automatically track the spending against the promotion using the promotion limits.
            6) If we wanted to we could add a qualification to modifier line that would be the customer number that we assign the gift certificate to, if desired.

            The model defined above will do the following:
            a. Utilize Oracle Advanced Pricing out-of-the-box with no customizations.
            b. Provide Oracle tracking of the usage of the gift-certificates with the capability of putting validity dates on each, limits and qualifications as well.
            c. Ability to view the amount left on the gift certificates through standard Oracle functionality.
            d. Oracle provides notifications to the front-end of the application without customizations.

            Please let me know your thoughts anyone that works with Advanced Pricing a lot! Thanks,