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    Need Urgent Help (Oracle Interconnect <-> BPEL/ESB connection)


      We are currently running on Oracle Interconnect Our client customer is planning to Implement Oracle Fusion Middleware. While doing our feasibility study, Oracle recommended us to Utilize existing Interconnect integrations by linking Interconnect with Oracle ESB. Begin sun setting Interconnect.

      As per my knowledge goes Interconnect can talk to ESB/BPEL only from version

      Please verify this information ASAP and I am not correct (in terms of version number), please let me know correct Interconnect version number (Our DESIRED Interconnect VERSION) where we can talk with BPEL/ESB.

      It will be a great help If you can list all the new feature that we will have in our "DESIRED VERSION" compare to our CURRENT VERSION (

      Thanks in Advance.

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          Wouldn't this be a question for Oracle Support? Especially since Oracle recommended linking interConnect with ESB.
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            There are different ways for integrating BPEL(ESB)-InterConnect.
            1) Throw standard BPEL-IC plugin. This plugin is work only with IC The use of this plugin is under big question because it is actually connect to IC repository and monitor central IC queue. I don't really think it's good solution

            2) The second way is to use AQ as integration point between BPEL and IC.
            In this way you are not restricted to versions of IC and BPEL. You can use any your want.

            New features of IC
            1) XSD support as AV, CV
            + Validate XML checkbox (on publish, CV, subscribe)

            2) BPEL plugin

            3) Adapter and repository administration from AS console (EM-console)
            - adapter, repository statuses, CPU and memory load
            - start/stop/restart
            - adapter.ini editing + repository +hub
            - view logs and perfomans metrics

            4) New JCA adapter - allow to connect to any JCA-compatible adapters.
            For ex.
            - BPEL adapters: JDBC, File/FTP (improved than in IC), JMS
            - iWay adapters (SAP, ...etc)
            - so on...

            5) Visual enhancments in iStudio: new icons, improved mapping wizard, improved roting wizard (CBR)

            6) New SAP adapter (
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              Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to think on AQ perspective (One you mentioned in Option 2) and let you know for any questions.