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    Use of functions

      The use of functions - a function with other selects (eg. calculate availability of a part) - is slowing down our system when we do a select over our product file.
      Is there some kind of rule when functions should be used or when we should try to create a more complex - combined - SQL that does not use the function.
      Can functions be used in the where clause without loosing a lot of speed?
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          Speed of sql is related to complexity of sql which in turn depends on logical IOs and waits.

          Select 'fast sql' from dual;

          would be faster than

          Select (some_function_calling_10s_of_big_tables) from dual;

          Analyze what the function is returning and why it is needed. Tune the function or better yet, include the logic in sql.
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            Jonathan Lewis
            Olivejuice, good question, so I've jotted down a few comments at the following URL:

            Jonathan Lewis
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              That was so quick and awesome. No wonder you are an Oracle Guru.

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