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    Does Interconnect exists?

      Hi ,

      Could you please tell me whether Interconnect exists and the purpose of using Interconnect
      Also whats the difference between BPEL and interconnect?

      Thanks and Regards,
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          Ofcourse Interconnect exists, what would be the point and use of this subforum on the Oracle site?

          Oracle Interconnect is a product for moving / synchronising data between various systems using so called adapters. One of the key features of Interconnect is its guaranteed delivery. Once a message is in the hub it will do anything to deliver it to the predefined endpoints.

          Interconnect is ( unofficially ) in maintenance mode. e.g. no new major versions will be released by Oracle. Oracle has a new product with the same functionality named Oracle ESB, ( Enterprise Service Bus ).Oracle ESB is part of the SOA Suite.

          BPEL stands for Business Process Execution Language. E.g. a language for modelling your Business processes. Interconnect is a tech/message based product for the moval of messages. Not business processses.

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            Thanks for your reply.
            I do have some more questions.
            I asked that question because i just wanted to know whether Interconnect exists or some other tool with the same funcionality has replaced it.
            This question came because I heard that using BPEL we can interact with the third party systems, can pass messages and receive messages. So i thought BPEL would be replacing Interconnect as days passes by. Is it so?
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              Chris Slattery
              BPEL is a PITA;

              ESB is less of a PITA and much cheaper but forces you to learn XML

              Interconnect is very easy to use [ easier than both the above ] and just works.
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                Hi Chris,

                I do not entirely agree with your posting. You'll need XML and related technologies for both Interconnect, ESB and BPEL.

                I've developed various scenarios with both Interconnect and ESB and IMHO ESB is far more easy to use and to maintain then Interconnect. For instance the mapper to create transformation maps is far more easy to use in ESB than in Interconnect.
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                  For my two cents, I would have to say that good old-fashioned Oracle InterConnect (3.1.2 > 4.0 > 4.1 > 9i > 10g) was the right tool for the job - and still is - for those customers that just want to pass data around quickly and efficiently.

                  BPEL, for me, is like adding more rules, governance and flows around the data contained in those messages. As the B and P mean Business and Process, what Oracle InterConnect can't give you easily is just that; the 'intelligent' processing of messages.

                  I am sure that I will be shot down in flames for suggesting that proper use of the "Workflow" adapter could give you this additional 'intelligent' processing, but these BPEL products is just the next step.

                  I haven't used the Oracle BPEL process manager in anger (yet), but I do use TIBCO a good deal. For me, ESB together with BPEL can do everything good old InterConnect can, but with the added real advantage of easily interpreting business logic into integration logic. The configuring (over coding) of the integrated processes is, as Martin suggests, far easier. Business don't just want to throw big globs of data around their enterprise anymore - they want be smarter, and they want to be able to easily hook up into the outside world.

                  I thought that I'd never be convinced and would never see the benefit of using anything else but the InterConnect product - but hey, I've got to say I'm now a convert!
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                    Hi every one..

                    From previous posts.. i observed users in this thread have experience with Oracle Interconnect as well as Oracle ESB,BPEL... i like to know answers for below questions from all of you...

                    When BPE,ESB are the latest and beleived to be better technology...why customers still stick to interconnect?

                    what are the pros and cons of interconnect?

                    what are the pros and cons of ESB+BPEL combination?

                    Can Oracle ESB+BPEL replace interconnect by providing functionality,reliability and extendibility provided by interconnect?

                    What is your perception about Oracle Interconnect and Oracle ESB+BPEL?

                    I want to know them because i am still working with interconnect and want to know hoW BPEl/ESB can be better/best than Oracle INterconnect.

                    Hope all of you will reply with your experiences,opinions and suggestions..

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                      Why don't you just try it out? ;-)