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    defining IP Address and DNS configration on VMWare server?

      plz suggest as mentioned in subject.

      We have SuSe LINUX Version ans wants to define IP Address and DNS setting.

      We get some error which looks like as resulted due to IP or DNS setting.

      Guys..guide me to correct forum if reqd.
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          Using VMWare there are two issues to keep in mind.

          a) Which kind of network are you using in VMWare
          b) Set up the IP information in your VMWare guest (SuSe)

          a) There are three network types in VMWare, host only, bridged and NAT.
          Usually I use host-only for my machines as they are used for internal testing.. Bridged will connect to the real network and maybe you get an IP address from there (when DHCP is used). NAT will use you computers IP and translate it.

          b) Setting the IP is easy - just use YAST and configure the IP address of your machine (either fixed or using DHCP). Setting up a DNS server yourself is out of the scope of this posting. Look on the internet for a howto to set up your DNS server. If you just need to configure a DNS server with your IP this can be done with YAST.