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    Instant Client - Not (Windows XP)

      I followed the directions for Instant Client from the Client Home page. I'm trying to use Instant Client on a Windows XP machine.

      SQLPLUS, for example, fails to connect, tns error: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified.

      Reading through the forum there are many references to other environmental variables: tns_admin, oracle_home, nls_language... The directions make no mention of tnsnames.ora or any environmental variables other than PATH.

      The directions indicate that simply adding the extract location (c:\oracle\instantclient_10_2) to the head of my path environmental variable is all that is needed.

      I do not use an tns_admin env var - instead I use an entry in my registry:
      my computer\hkey_local_machine\software\oracle.

      The registry points to tnsnames.ora on a Windows share (this is background info as it works without issue).

      So rather than drone on, my question is: how do you install Instant Client on Windows XP so that it will work, for example, with:

      Oracle forms and reports 6i
      TOAD 9.0.1

      Appreciate your help in this matter.
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          Here's what worked for me in the end - (your mileage may vary).

          -Followed directions: simply extract to location and add location to the head of Path - I'm specifically referring to Path in the System env var space, I did not touch user env var space at any point.

          I have NO other env var in System space, e.g., nls_language, oracle_home or other, just Path.

          I have a string value entry in the registry key:
          my computer\hkey_local_machine\software\oracle for tns_admin. It points to tnsnames.ora file that I know is valid and works with other Oracle clients on other machines 8i, 9i.

          I had to remove string value: nls_language at the key above. It was set to NA. When I removed it everything started to work.

          I can now run:
          Oracle Forms and Reports 6i
          sqlplus (the new one that is in the extract location)
          TOAD 9.1

          I am relying on the Instant Client only, not trying to use two different clients.

          I went so far as to hack the Registry after exporting the individual keys and deleted:
          the entry for an 8i client and renamed the 8i client folder from the root of said folder. Everything continues to operate.

          Remember if you mess with the registry - back it up, export keys, did I mention: back it up.